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Thayer Scale introduces new Weighpoint Integrator

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Pembroke (MA), Vereinigte StaatenThayer Scale, a leading global manufacturer of equipment for the continuous weighing and feeding of bulk materials, launched its new WeighPoint™ Series 7200 integrator. The new instrumentation expands Thayer Scale’s line of weighing-focused instrumentation, including integrators, controllers, and U/L-certified panel solutions.

“The WeighPoint™ integrator marks the culmination of three years of Research and Development. With WeighPoint, we aim to harness four decades of instrumentation technical ability and innovation by delivering a sleek, user-friendly platform that seamlessly integrates with facility communication solutions. Moreover, WeighPoint lays the foundation for enhanced efficiency and industrial process connectivity, paving the way for IIoT and connected device features,” said Todd Newman, Vice President of Engineering and Development, Thayer Scale.

(Picture: ©2024 Thayer Scale - Hyer Industries)
(Picture: ©2024 Thayer Scale - Hyer Industries)

The WeighPoint™ Integrator is a dual-processor, touchscreen-enabled solution designed for continuous operation in harsh environments. The field-mountable or panel-mountable standalone unit with HMI provides an easy-to-use interface to the company’s deep library of algorithms and functions. It is the most robust conveyor and belt-weighing integrating system on the market.

The WeighPoint™ 7200 Integrator is packed with features. It is available in four configurations for flexible installation planning. It has an 8” bright touch-screen display providing high visibility even in harsh environments with an operating temperature range from -20 to 60 C (-30 to 70 C storage). There are a wide range of communications options, including MODBUS/TCP, Ethernet/IP and Profinet. The WeighPoint™ system includes a field-mounted scale module that provides high-resolution digitizing of load and speed. Communication from the scale module to the main module is via CANBus to ensure high data fidelity. The dual-processor main unit ensures high display performance while offloading real-time control functions to a separate processor core.

Key Features:

  • 4 Configurations for flexible installation planning
  • Bright, 8” touch-screen display (1024X768, XGA) provides high visibility.
  • A dual-processor main unit ensures high display performance while offloading real-time control to a separate processor core.
  • Wide range of communications options, including MODBUS/TCP, Ethernet/IP and Profinet
  • Field-mounted scale module provides high-resolution digitizing of Load and Speed Communication
  • Wide range of belt conveyor and weigh belt software algorithms
  • Remote access via PC, tablet, or mobile device
  • Remote diagnostics and remote service/ support capability
  • Expansion modules for additional I/O capability

WeighPoint™ 7200 is designed for use with Thayer Scale’s versatile range of RF belt scales and Weigh belt feeders for optimal weighing accuracy and performance.

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