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New Conveyor to increase Production: Portland Cement Manufacturer installs additional Pipe Conveyor

Geschrieben von Staribacher, J. bearbeitet von mhd am 15. Nov. 2023
When a Portland cement manufacturer in Üxheim, Germany, decided to buy additional clinker to increase his production he needed to install reception and transfer equipment to get the delivered material into his storage and production premises. For the conveying part he opted for a pipe conveyor due to its operational and environmental benefits.

Portlandzementwerk Wotan H. Schneider, situated in ÜxheimAhütte in the Volcanic Eifel in Western Germany has acquired a pipe conveyor system manufactured by Beumer Group to transport clinker to its cement mill. The 200-metre-long conveying system is customised to fit perfectly into the local environment. Since the system is completely enclosed, no material can fall on the road or passing vehicles. Additionally, absolutely no dust is released into the air, which greatly benefits the environment. Furthermore, the conveyor is economical in operation, energy-efficient and maintenance-friendly.

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