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Posted on 18. Oct. 2011 - 08:40

that is like asking "I bought a set of tires for my car - how long will they last?" There are so many undertermined conditions to be able to properly answer that poll.

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Re: Fabric Belts Joints Life

Posted on 20. Oct. 2011 - 05:44

I understand Mr.Gary.

Actually, in general, I wanted to know the contract term in the bulk-handling industry, if the vulcanizing job needs to be off-loaded

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Re: Fabric Belts Joints Life

Posted on 23. Oct. 2011 - 09:30

Dear Shri Ganesh,

The life of the vulcanized joint of the fabric belt, for conveyors is subjective to :

1) The quality of the joint.

2) Pulley diameters

3) The chosen fabric belt in relation to the lump weight and its kinetic energy when impacting the belt.

4) The lump and material velocity angle with respect to the belt velocity, when landing on the belt.

5) Reverse bending of the belt at pulleys and distance between such pulleys

6) Inherent belt tensile rating and minimum safety factor occurring during steady state running and during starting, accounting reduction in safety factors at pulleys, at trough transition zone etc.

7) Material temperature.

8) Grade of the rubber say HR, FR, M24, N17, food-grade, etc. may show different life of the joint as a consequence of their susceptibility to degradation and application condition.

The other reader’s experience will add in to this information.


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Specific Pressure Effect On Cold Vulcanizing Joints.

Posted on 21. Dec. 2012 - 06:24

Dear Mr.Mulani ( & other experts ) ,

Thank you very much.

I hope in hot vulcanizing, the specific pressure is used for calculating the pressure to be applied on the heating platens. B

But in cold joints, no machine is used. Why is it so ?


Re: Fabric Belts Joints Life

Posted on 23. Dec. 2012 - 12:06

Dear experts,

If I rephrase the question: Is the specific pressure pressure is applicable only for hot joint? Is it not applicable in cold joints?


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Posted on 15. Jun. 2013 - 07:22

Dear experts,

I need to learn many things.


Fabric Belts Joints Life

Posted on 27. Jul. 2013 - 12:33

We specify our fabric belt splices for the life of the belt. Towards that end we reject the typical approx. 20 degrees splice angle and specify a 45 degrees splice angle. This has the affect of reducing the tensile stress component, that must be developed in shearing of the rubber, over the step length, and minimizing the simultaneous splice exposure through the transitions and over the pulleys.

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