Draw Down Hoppers

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Hi all

We are looking for to install draw down hoppers under stockpiles for coal reclaiming. I welcome an Indian or Asia Pacific suppliers to talk with me further.

Also any views and opinions regarding this equipment is welcomed.


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Draw Down Hoppers

Posted on 28. Jan. 2011 - 09:16

Suggest that you contact Alan Roberts group, at TUNRA, Newcastle University, Australia for suitable design.

Re: Draw Down Hoppers

Posted on 10. Feb. 2015 - 03:43


The draw down hopper, located at central part of stockpile, can be safely relied upon for consistently assured free flowing material like grain, dry sand, etc.

In case of material like coal or ore (if these are sometimes dry and sometimes wet) can pose difficult problem, when material stops to flow due to its sluggishness. Then remedial measure to reach problematic zone and to make it flow are clumsy, difficult and time consuming. However I think there are companies in Australia who make equipment for this (possibly these agitate / nudge material around hopper mouth, for material to flow).

Compromise decision is to locate draw down hopper under stockpile outer periphery, which can be easily reached by removing smaller volume of material, in case of flow blockage.

As regarding over-ground reclaiming by shovel, buckets and scrapers, etc. is a forceful activity creating flow, and is with the price.


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