Cardox Srorage

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The storage question has come up with MSHA and the use and storage of Cardox Generators. Since 911 and the additional pressure from ATF and MSHA, the problem has become very uncertain. We used the Cardox system for many years with out any problems at all. Now, we have nothing but problems. The storage is a major concern. No one person or agency has a locked in rock answer as to the legal storage and use of this product. Has any body out there have an answer?

Cardox Ho Hum

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If they had a lick of any sense they would wake up and realise you are using nothing but liquid soda gas/co2.

Besides the fact that they are to close to the problem to develope a rational train of thought due the the above.

Case in point- ask the indians who were growing non marijuana hemp to make food and fiber and asa new source of income for the tribe and how the feebees/atf entered the reservation and ripped it all out as they thought they were growing pot- it took a few years and the supreme court to rule that hemp is not marijuana finally.


It is classified as a non explosive as it does not contain powder or high speed accelerants or propellants.

if it (CO2) was an explosive we would have armed guards at every soda machine that used liquid CO2 for the fizz we all enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let alone any volcano that erupts!!!!!!!!

All it is doing is using a small electrical charge to create a chemical reaction to force expansion of the CO2.

Show them the bloody cardox advertisement on the internet!!!!!!!!!!!

signed, a hard rock miner who knows.

the big worry for you or anyone else is a leak of liquid co2 anyplace it is loaded as CO2 will drive out the O2 and cause oxygen depravation/suffocation

Mind you, if I lose out on having soda water with a twist by itself when it is outlawed I will really be pissed.

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Izaharis has just made my weekend start that little bit earlier. Thanks for that!

John Gateley

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Thanks for the reply. It looks as if Izaharis has been stirred by a similar type problem before. We hit a raw nerve! The answer is right on target however. Thanks.


Cardox Storage Answers

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We manufacture and sell the Cardox System. We would be quite happy to answer any questions regarding the proper storage of Cardox Safety Heaters or generators as they are sometimes called. At this point, the only agency on this planet that has any requirements for storage of the heaters is the ATF. All other US and international agencies consider Cardox Safety Heaters exempt from explosive regulation. MSHA is only tangentially concerned because of the ATF, otherwise there is a 70 year history of non-explosive use and regulation documented in MSHA regulations. Please take a look at or feel free to contact us here at Pneumat.

Greg Nelson Pneumat Systems, Inc.

Cardox Use.

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Thanks for the info. I have been gone from the plant for about 7 days, but will give you a call when I return.


Jim Smiser

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