4B Heavy Duty Elevator Bucket

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Atlas AM Heavy Duty Elevator Bucket

4B are pleased to announce the introduction of the new heavy duty Atlas AM Nyrim elevator bucket. Thanks to its antistatic material, the Atlas AM bucket has excellent surface resistivity dissipating properties, making it ideal for ATEX applications. The bucket’s non-stick properties are enhanced by its smooth surface finish and open design.

The Atlas AM is a very tough, long life elevator bucket with ultra heavy duty design and construction; the material makes this bucket up to 6 times stronger than other industrial elevator buckets.

A very versatile elevator bucket, the Atlas AM is suitable for heavy industrial applications as well as grain and sticky materials.

4B offers the world’s largest range of elevator buckets, bolts and belts and looks back on more than 120 years of supplying the industry with material handling components. *The company offers a free engineering service as well, helping customers with the design of their new bucket elevators or the upgrade of their existing machines.

For a catalogue or more in-depth information, please visit 4B’s website.

For more information, please visit:


href="https://edir.bulk-online.com/profile/2037-4b-braime-elevator-components.htm" target="blank">https://edir.bulk-online.com/profile...components.htm


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