Combination Dome/Vibrating Floor

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Vibrating Floor

The combination dome/vibrating floor has finally materialized.

The project consists in a 52m dia fly ash dome silo.

The floor configuration is “conical”, in effect built of 10 sectors sloping at 10° to a 3m dia central pit.

The vibrating floor is composed of 280 modules, triggered in 8 circles, starting from the centre. Triggering is by uncovering of capacitor detectors.

The central pit is equipped with 6 vibrating modules, feeding 2 openings, each loading into a pump. Anticipated reclaim rate is 100 t/h.

A successful application of a vibrating floor inside a 10.6m dia soja bean meal silo is to be reported in Denmark. The silo feeds directly a pellet producing plant, at a rate of 100 t/h. Total clean-up of the silo is performed automatically every month, notwithstanding multiple loading/unloading cycles over that period.

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silexport_top-view (GIF)

silexport_dome-inside (GIF)

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