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ISO tank container leasing- What you need to know...

We receive a very common question regarding the list of items needed to engage in a lease agreement. So, my hope is to be able to put a spotlight to the 'must have' items needed to have ready before to a lease agreement.

ISO tank leasing items:

1. Provide MSDS of the product(s) to be shipped.

2. Number of units required.

3. Length of term of contract required.

4. Have available a copy of your liability insurance up to the equipment replacement value.

5. If you do not posses a liability insurance certificate, we would then need to have copy of the third party liability insurance from your customer up to the equipment replacement value.

6. Read carefully the standard lease agreement and what you are responsible for prior, during, and post the lease agreement.

7. Be prepared to fill out a credit application.

8. Ask for a copy of the full survey completed on the tank to ensure it’s in acceptable condition, repaired / cleaned etc prior to you taking control of the unit(s).

9. Lease rates typically are FOB depot and commences on date of delivery until date of redelivery. All other transportation costs are to be taken into account by the customer.

10. I can emphasize this last one enough, ask a lot of questions.

10 1/2 - Most leasing companies will require a 1 year minimum lease contract to entertain the need. Transliquid Technologies is a bit more flexible than that, tell us what your need is and we will do our best to accommodate you.

I hope the information above is valuable, and if you have any further questions; please write to us at: info (at) transliquidtechnologies (dot) com

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