Depth Of Dearth.

Posted on 2. Mar. 2015 - 12:47

I couldn't even understand the question?

Another one liner looking for a full textbook answer. It's getting monotonous.

Still, it was worth a click.

John Gateley

Blower Etc.

Posted on 4. Mar. 2015 - 04:14
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the blower having the air flow rate 2200 m^3/hr what will be the flow rate in its exhaust.

You claim to be a an engineer. In what discipline? Are you actually a sales engineer?

What you need to do is read the six laws of gasses, fully understand

them then do the math to answer your own question.

1. Perfect Gas Law

2. Boyle's Law

3. Charles law

4. Dalton's Law Of Partial Pressures

5.Graham's Law Of Diffusion

Understand these six laws of gasses use the formula's and you will be able to

answer your question.