EDEM Classroom Edition

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DEM Solutions Announces Launch of EDEM Classroom Edition

EDEM Classroom Edition provides an easy-to-use DEM software tool for teaching Discrete Element Modeling using powerful EDEM particle simulation technology tailored for classroom and educator needs.

Responding to the demand of both academia and industry, DEM Solutions is proud to announce the release of their new EDEM Classroom edition. EDEM Classroom offers a cost-effective way for engineering educators to introduce students to Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulation - providing them with exposure to one of the fastest growing areas of CAE simulation and hands-on experience using EDEM®, the industry-leading DEM software. With EDEM Classroom students can learn and explore the fundamentals of particle mechanics, while also receiving training in the software most widely used by industry to solve bulk materials handling and processing problems in a wide range of sectors.

EDEM Classroom is based on EDEM Academic – the leading DEM software used in academic research. Running on desktop multi-core hardware in both Linux and Windows environments EDEM Classroom has an easy-to-use GUI enabling fast model set-up and simulation with extensive analysis and data visualization capability. Commonly employed DEM contact models can be extended and more advanced models implemented using the versatile EDEM Applications Programming Interface (API) which operates with EDEM Classroom.

“EDEM Classroom provides a high-quality, easy-to-learn DEM simulation environment for use in teaching,” comments John Favier, CEO of DEM Solutions. He adds, “Institutions using EDEM in their teaching programs are actively preparing tomorrow’s engineers in the use of industry-standard DEM simulation technology and are supporting the growing demand by industry for DEM-experienced engineers.”

About DEM Solutions

DEM Solutions partners with their customers, providing state-of-the-art software technology and deployment support for optimizing bulk particle handling and processing operations, including the advanced simulation know-how needed to tackle difficult bulk solids flow challenges in a wide variety of manufacturing operations. EDEM simulation technology, which simulates and analyzes the behavior of bulk solids at the particle-scale, has been integrated into engineering design and analysis of equipment and processes in almost every industry sector and engineering discipline.

DEM Solutions’ corporate headquarters are located in Edinburgh, Scotland with offices in the USA, and Germany, and channel sales partners worldwide.

About EDEM Academic Partner Program

DEM Solutions’ EDEM Academic Partner Program (EAPP) provides academic institutions around the world with the opportunity to access the very latest in particle simulation technology, for use in educational and research programs.

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Fig. 1: Schematic of simplified Hertz-Mindlin contact model


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