Where did the Bulk Solids Handling archive go?

Posted in: , on 13. Nov. 2023 - 17:23

Hi Lyn,

All of the historic Bulk Solids Handling articles used to be available here, by author, by title, by year, but now there is only a small portion available. It used to be such a great resource. This is all I can find now.



I'm in search of the following:


Do you know where I can find these? Even for purchase?

Do you know where the rest of the articles/papers went?




Hello Josh, unfortunately, I…

Posted on 15. Nov. 2023 - 08:40

Hello Josh,

unfortunately, I have not been able to add all the articles during import when switching to our new website. I have added the articles you are looking for to the archive. 

If you are looking for other articles that have not yet been added to the archive just drop me a line.

Kind regards,