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Dear THH

Further to our earlier correspondence about the Tiltainer units, please find attached additional information.

Drawings are available that show typical receival systems for road or rail transport with different levels of sophistication for the receival of the bulk commodity. These systems can be tailored to your particular needs.

The Tiltainer will attach to road transport or rail wagon with twistlocks as for a standard ISO container and can be fitted with a cover to prevent the ingress of rainwater. The containers are emptied by connection to a hydraulic power pack at the receival station, no rotation of the carrying vehicle is required.

Transport of sticky material like Kaolin will require lining of the container with Tivar or similar low friction material and filleting the corners of the container to reduce adhesion.

The device is capable of transporting 30 tonnes, so in your case we would redesign to suit the lower bulk density in order to reduce the tare weight. We would expect the container assembly to weigh about 4T and cost about $US15k each depending on the features required and the number of units contained in any order.

We would consider entering into an agreement to provide the design of the units and receival facility for manufacture in your country of origin. Such an arrangement would require a pre-payment to meet any design costs necessary to meet your specific requirements, and licensing of your selected subcontractor. An agreed royalty would be payable for each unit manufactured.

Please visit www.mkalen.com


John Hanna

Managing Director

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