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Recent Developments in Great Lakes Self-Unloading Bulk Carriers

Edited by mhd on 1. Nov. 2023
Technical data and design features are given for the first full size ocean-going self-unloading bulk carrier, M.V. "Atlantic Superior", built by Collingwood Shipyards and to be commissioned in 1982. This ship will be Canada Steamship Lines' link between the Great Lakes system and worldwide trading, as this ship has been designed to the highest strength standards to allow voyages to all parts of the world but still retaining the flexibility necessary for trading at Great Lakes ports.

Change is an integral part of life on the Great Lakes system. At "Collingwood Shipyards" experts in the design and construction of these highly specialized vessels maintain a constant search to achieve perfection.

Until recently this type of vessel was limited by its strength standard to operating within the confines of the Great Lakes inland waterway.

Over the past four (4) years Collingwood who built the world's first loop belt self-unloader has delivered eight (8) new vessels, three of which are capable of traveling outside the present lakes limits to Newfoundland and St. John, New Brunswick. To enable this a new strength standard was developed between Collingwood Lloyd's Register of Shipping and the Canadian Coast Guard. This standard also ratified by the American Bureau of Shipping is presently being studied to allow these vessels to extend their service limits to include the whole of the Eastern U.S. Seaboard and the Caribbean, as far south as Jamaica. Later this year Collingwood's first full size ocean-going self-unloader will be delivered to its parent company, Canada Steamship Lines.

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