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Über Kerry Johanson

Salt Lake City, Utah where his father was a student at University of Utah. He began his career in powder flow and material handling in 1975 as a lab technician with Jenike & Johanson during his high school and undergraduate years, under the tutelage of mentors Jerry Johanson and Andrew Jenike. In 1985 he received his BS in chemical engineering from Brigham Young University and joined his father Jerry Johanson in founding JR Johanson, Inc. where he spent 14+ years refining his expertise in bulk solids handling as a fully accredited engineer. In 1994, he received his PhD in chemical engineering, also from BYU. In 2000, he moved to Florida, where he currently divides his time researching at the University of Florida Particle Engineering Research Center and serving as the Lead Engineer and COO for Material Flow Solutions, Inc. Dr. Johanson holds PE licenses in both Florida and Utah and is an active member of AAPS, AIChE, and ASTM. Married for 28 years, he is the father of six children, and a grandfather to 3. He holds the rank of Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America, and continues to serve as a Scout leader in his community.

Know-how and experience:
He has taken the knowledge base, learned from the original bulk solids handling experts, to the next level of expertise. As the world leader in understanding degradation-attrition, he can analyze particle size degradation and identify root causes of breakage in your system and provide design assistance to mitigate material degradation in your product and process. His consulting experience extends to pharmaceutical, food, chemical, power, mining, ceramic, agricultural, paper, bio-fuels, and bulk handling industries. He has:
• Provided custom system design recommendations to prevent powder hang-up, minimize segregation, eliminate particle size degradation, and control erratic flow rates from process equipment that handles powder and granular materials.
• Authored 30+ technical papers which have been published in numerous technical journals internationally.
• Developed a course for teaching powder flow and technology to graduate students and mentored three recent doctoral graduates at the University of Florida.
• Presented numerous industry seminars on the topic of powder flow in industrial applications.
• Developed various material property testers and testing procedures for determining: arching index, blender performance, contact angle, degradation-attrition, density, drying, friction angle, heat capacity, heat conductivity, particle size, permeability, rathole index, segregation potential, surface tension, unconfined yield strength, and wear rate.
• Added to traditional bin, hopper, feeder design the ability to predict flow properties for particle scale measurements allowing you scale up from data obtained at formulation time.
• Developed state of the art tester to measure and predict segregation in your processes which is used to design processes or products to minimize separation effects.
• Extended modeling capabilities from simple bin and hopper flow design to include drying kinetics, tablet formation and compression, moisture sorption, roll press operations, moisture migration in equipment, blending simulation, and segregation prediction.
As a consultant and the lead engineer with Material Flow Solutions, Inc, he:
• Provides designsrecommendations for bins, hoppers, silos, blenders, anti-segregating devices, agglomerators, roll presses, mills, feeders, solids feed systems, and other solids handling and bulk handling processes. No material is too cohesive to be handled through his custom bulk powder process designs.
• Provides product design assistance to help you create powders and granular products that are free flowing, attrition resistant, and non-segregating.
• Provides complete powder flow testing facilities to characterize your bulk powders at process conditions from -20 deg F to 1800 deg F. These testing and analysis services help predict trouble areas in your plants and your customers’ facilities, and provide solutions to optimize production.
• Provides product design assistance to increase product quality. His engineered solutions have reduced segregation in existing systems from 50 out-of-spec material down to 0.2 out-of-spec material.

Received B.S. Brigham Young University, Provo, UT. (1985)
Received Ph.D Brigham Young University, Provo, UT. (1994)

Work Experiance:

Chief Technical Officer, JR Johanson Inc. 1985 through 1999

Consulting Engineer and chief technical officer for JR Johanson Inc. (design of bin, hoppers, and blenders to prevent hang-ups, minimize segregation and produce reliable flow rates for chemical pharmaceutical, food, mining, and paper industries. Helped them to achieve 25 to 100 increase in plant efficiency. Developed in-house mathematical models describing bulk solids flow.)

ERC for Particle Science and Technology, Univertity of Florida, 2000 to present.

Industry Professor for University of Florida, ERC for Particle Science and Technology (Designed and implemented a testbed hopper for Goal III. Helped initiate research program for the study of bulk solids flow. Advising three graduate students from ChE and one from ME, Acted as industry liaison for ERC. Directing research efforts of about 15 undergraduate students each year, Acquired funding for the development of a particle science process design course.)

Know-how and experience:
20 years experience solving powder flow problems for pharmaceutical, food, mining, pulp, chemical, cosmetic, metal powder, and energy industries. We provide custom design recommendations for handling facilities, bins, hoppers, feeders, blenders, feeder interfaces, mills and agglomerators. Solutions are available for very large silo systems or small dosing bins. We provide help minimizing segregation, eliminating material hang-ups, and providing control of erratic flow problems. We also provide product design recommendations to help you create products that flow freely in your customers plant, provide optimal blending, and minimize segregation. We have a full range of material flow property testing capabilities.

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