Seeking Centering Belt System

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Seeking centering belt system (for little PVC belt)

Hi, i'm looking for some picture or example about pneumatic centering belt system,

my problem is keep the belt centered,

I know the system with the roller support fulcrum and driven by vertical rolls, but this system is suitable for rubber belt and not in my case with a thin belt...

In past I had seen a system with 2 pneumatic cylinders and 2 slip sensors:

Normally the belt slip on one side and when belt touches the sensor, the pneumatic cylinder is activated and pushes the roller from one side so as to return the belt to the center,

this type of solution is applied to a lower roller (where the belt goes back):

You have seen this solution?

You have seen other solution?

Where I can find some examples?

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Re: Seeking Centering Belt System

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Please mention belt width, whether it is flat or trough, if trough then troughing angle, conveyor length, belt type and conveyor capacity.


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Training Idlers.... No!

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Hi there..

We have had a previous thread on training idlers, but be that as it may, herewith my humble contribution..

Never install training idlers.

It is like hanging weights on your steering wheel, if your car pulls to one side.

Align everything properly, load the belt centrally, ensure you have the normal forward tilt on your idlers and ensure your belt is not a banana with wonky splices.

Training idlers try and treat the effect.. not the cause. So it's a "No" from me.


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Some Philosophy (Keenness To Knowledge)

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Hi Graham,

training idlers are the answer from a supplier (not operator) to the unknown factor: Will there be maintenance staff and if yes, are they sufficiently qualified? I'm very much on your side, however "the others" shall always seek to cut down on people and to mechanize. Then add the ad's of sales representatives + their performance on explaining the possible OPEX cuts.

So, for me as design footman, i get the task & have to find a way to insert a mechanical device. I would very much like to know all about the adverse effects of different types of those, from experience..

@ CF - system:

Dear Sir,

in the first place, pls. employ some professional who can take care of the issue, as Graham here suggested.

If that is perhaps not the core of your intentions, you might be trying to look at reputable belt conveyor idler suppliers, they shall have something in their portfolio that could suit your demand, or give you an address. Maybe you start with the systems supplier of your conveyor? However, the specifics of such systems are often proprietary. Controlled steering systems are also quite complex, and their effect is limited and must be compared with the con's that could be explained in more detail on a broader database, pls. refer to Mr. Mulani. Also, you know the searchwords, to go to B2B!