New Powder Dust Control Formulation

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New Powder Dust Control Formulation Provides Numerous Benefits for the Environment and Its Proven Globally

A new formula recently produced for dust control on unpaved roads and industrial projects has been made in a super concentrated blend, which provides significant environmental benefits.*

Winnipeg, MB, Canada, January 18, 2009 - Dust Stop, a 100% environmentally friendly / biodegradable product produced by Cypher Environmental Ltd, has been perfected in its most concentrated form to enable its users to utilize the product for dust control with as little environmental impact as possible. Dust Stop is one of the only dust control products on the market that is available in powder form, meaning that less energy and gas are required to both transport and apply the product. The positive logistical benefits that Dust Stop provides are not the only environmental benefits that the product renders, but Dust Stop's superior dust control ability means less toxic dust gets emitted into the environment.

Dust Stop is mainly applied to unpaved roads consisting of any soil type. A main concern with the use of unpaved roads is the dust that is produced by vehicular traffic. The dust that is produced as a result of the use of unpaved roads is of environmental concern because it represents air pollution and gets into surrounding water bodies, threatens nearby vegetation and is a health concern to people and animals who breathe in the particulate matter. The dust is also a concern because it poses a safety issue to those using the road due to the decreased visibility it causes. Dust Stop is designed to eliminate this threat by sealing in the dust so that it is not released into the environment.*

Dust Stop is applied using standard equipment and is done in an easy one step process, which saves time, money and energy / fuel during its application. Dust Stop is the only truly environmentally friendly dust suppressant on the market that is effective at suppressing harmful dust and the product outperforms many toxic products that are in use today. Dust Stop will not run-off in the rain, is effective in dry weather, is applicable to any soil type and can withstand heavy traffic without diminishing its effectiveness.

The fact that Dust Stop is composed of all-natural organic ingredients allows the product to be applied in environmentally sensitive areas with no environmental threat. Dust Stop is not only effective as a dust suppressant on unpaved roads but can be utilized for dust control and erosion control for a wide variety of other purposes such as stockpiles, embankments, agricultural applications, landing strips and many more.

About Cypher Environmental Ltd.

Cypher Environmental Ltd. is a diversified business group dedicated to the dynamics of creating a global corporation focusing on the development of products and technologies that benchmark our vision for an environmentally improved world. Our devotion to producing cost-effective and environmentally friendly products is shown through our commitment to providing products that have no harmful effects on the environment, while simultaneously improving the environments in which they are applied. We consider providing prompt and professional technical support to our customers and end users of our products as a part of the high level of customer service that we strive to provide on a daily basis. Our pursuit of knowledge, new technologies, business alliances and synergistic solutions provides our customers with innovative approaches to addressing a number of different applications through the use of our products in a way that leaves absolutely no footprint on the environment.

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Photo: New Dust Control Formulation Provides Numerous Benefits for the Environment, Shipped in Powder Form in 50 Pound and Bulk Bags


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