Magnetically Fastened Patch

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Magnetically Fastened Patch

Kelowna, B.C. Canada - MAGNA-SKIN Technologies, Inc. (MST) has developed a magnetically fastened elbow patch. Often referred to as a “Magnetic Band-Aid®, the highly visible and reusable Magna-Patch™ combines a flexible abrasion resistant elastomeric material with powerful magnetic elements.

MAGNA-SKIN Technologies Inc. designed Magna-Patch™ to reduce downtime, material loss and cleanup cost associated with highly abrasive materials.

Magna-Patch™ offers operators and maintenance personnel a quick, secure means of repairing holes in steel pipes, round radius elbows, flat back elbows, silos, chutes, hoppers and any other steel susceptible to abrasion. The Magna-Patch™ is positioned over a worn out area and held in place magnetically until the next scheduled shut down. This enables production to continue without interruption, therefore increasing uptime and reducing maintenance costs. Three Models are available: MP-711 - standard, MP-811 - elbow and the MP-611 – (elbow) mini-patch.

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