Bolt ‘N Go - Drop Forged Conveyor Chain

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Flight installation and chain assembly made easy !

4B Braime is pleased to announce the launch of the new revolutionary Bolt ‘N’ Go drop forged chain system.

The new Bolt ‘N’ Go system is a very flexible system of high strength hollow pins, heavy duty washers and nylock nuts, which enable bolts to pass through to connect the links together and attach flights.

There are no circlips to become loose and there is no intricate assembly. There is no welding required on the flights, no need to remove chain from the conveyor for installation, and no issues with strength.

Just bolt the links and the flights together. It’s easy, simple and reliable.

The Bolt ‘N’ Go system’s advantages:

-No more welding of flights

-No need to remove chain from conveyor

-Reliable secured link, pin and flight

-Reduced maintenance cost and down time

-Steel or plastic flights

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Re: Bolt ‘N Go - Drop Forged Conveyor Chain

Erstellt am 11. May. 2007 - 07:53

An interesting combination of features.

Just looks a little "bitty" though, but maybe OK for non-arduous applications.