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Reclaimer Blending Efficiency

Erstellt am 19. Apr. 2007 - 01:18

Mr. Banerjee,

If you do not offer more details, you cannot expect any meaningful reply.

You don't even tell us what type of Reclaimer you are considering, and we do not know which material you are handling.

Stockpile Blending is a science and an important technology. I would expect that you have studied a dozen special papers on this topic before coming to the forum asking very specific questions.

Reinhard H. Wohlbier

Blending Efficiency

Erstellt am 19. Apr. 2007 - 01:30

Dear Mr. R. Wohlbier,

I want to reclaim base mix. plie dimension is 28Mx12.6M Ht. X 450 Long. Bulk density is 1.8 T/Cub. m. Which reclaimer is the best. Some body is qouting for scraper reclaimer & one is offering for Barrel type.



Re: Blending Efficiency

Erstellt am 28. Apr. 2007 - 06:12

Dear Shri Banerjee,

Every type of reclaimer machine has specific characteristics like achieving the functional needs, equipment life, frequency of maintenance etc. Considering these aspects, the suitability of a particular kind of machine is reflected by its use in a particular field. The population / use of particular type of machine in a particular field has evolved by cumulative experience of the users during long time, considering the various points mentioned by me. So, my suggestion would be to opt for accepted norm and practices.

I would not like to enter in to a specific reply.


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