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New MVCC 3/1200 electric motor vibrator

Power and reliability to operate under extreme conditions: 1,130 kg of centrifugal force with direct current, for use on dump trucks or wagons.

Under certain weather conditions characterized by cold and rain, inert material such as earth or sand often freezes or compacts inside dump trucks or wagons, making unloading operations difficult. Normal direct current electric motor vibrators do not have enough centrifugal force to solve this problem. To make things easier, Italvibras has designed the new MVCC 3/1200 high-power electric motor vibrator, specially created to ensure easy unloading of dump trucks or wagons.

The 12/24 DC MVCC 3/1200 electric motor vibrator, with permanent magnet poles, delivers a centrifugal force equaling 1,130 kg (11.10 kN), at 3600 rpm. Featured by IP66 mechanic protection its new body is linear and compact, so that dust and residuals do not accumulate on its surface.

The weight covers are made of AISI 316L stainless steel. The power cable is supplied already connected to the equipment and is impregnated in the terminal box through a bi-component silicon to ensure excellent mechanic and electric insulation.

MVCC motor vibrators are characterized by their high performance and absolute compliance with the regulations on electromagnetic compatibility. The IP66 mechanic protection and the electrostatic coating on its surface warrant optimal performances even under the most critical conditions such as presence of liquids or corrosive substances, or washing with high pressured water. Finally, its low voltage is particularly important for the safety of operators of dump wagons.

The new MVCC 3/1200 model integrates the series of direct current motor vibrators for hoppers, silos and control grids on self-propelling vehicles (cement mixer trucks, concrete pumps, plasterers, salt trucks, gravel trucks, fertilizing trucks, transported silos, road sweepers, etc).

The terminal box of the other MVCC models, which deliver a centrifugal force of 1.19 and 2.07 kN, is located under the motor vibrator to use up less space and provide a more compact design and better protection of electric contacts.

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