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January 22, 2007

First of new K-family, Caterpillar® D6K track type tractor sets the benchmark for productivity and performance; now standard with SystemOneTM

Caterpillar introduces the D6K track type tractor, which is the first in a new line of track type tractors to come standard with the enduring SystemOne undercarriage and hydrostatic powertrain. These tractors set the benchmark for best-in-class productivity and performance from first cut to finish grade. The D6K replaces the current model D5N. The K-family line will be completed by D3K, D4K and D5K later this year.

Performance tuned powertrain

The D6K has a new centreline design that features a hydrostatic powertrain for excellent manoeuvrability, enhanced power turn capability and variable speed control.

The electronically controlled hydrostatic drive system automatically matches machine travel speed to the combined drive train and implement loads, enabling maximum travel speed up to the speed selected by the operator. Independent forward and reverse speeds provide operator-selectable speeds to match operating conditions and application requirements for quick cycle times and maximum productivity.

The hydrostatic drive train also offers independent power and control of each track, with fast acceleration, infinitely variable speeds, and automatic/on-the-go direction changes on each track. The operator can command smooth ‘power turns’ or even counter-rotation of the tracks by simply using the hydrostatic control located on the left armrest of the new operator cab. Hydrostatic drive provides infinite speed selection from zero to ten kilometres per hour in forward and reverse. This lets the operator select the optimum speed for ground and job conditions.

Undercarriage with longest life and lowest cost

The D6K undercarriage features an oscillating track roller frame design, which decreases ground shock to the machine, increases machine stability and provides a smoother, more comfortable ride. Oscillating track roller frames keep more of the track on the ground when operating on uneven terrain, which increases machine stability, allowing faster machine operation, increased machine productivity and reduced operator fatigue.

To further reduce operating costs and extend undercarriage life up to 35 percent longer, Caterpillar’s SystemOne is standard on the D6K. This innovative undercarriage system has proven to outperform sealed and lubricated track and heavy-duty track across a wide range of applications and operating conditions. With SystemOne each component has been designed to work together as a system, to ensure balanced component wear and longer life.

Highest-in-the-industry horsepower

For maximum productivity in tough applications, the D6K is equipped with the Caterpillar C6.6 ACERT™ engine, providing 125 horsepower at 2100 RPM, which is the highest in the industry in its size class.

This engine incorporates a new cross-flow cylinder head design, with four valves per cylinder, and the latest port geometry, to provide improved airflow and more efficient combustion. The C6.6 engine uses the ADEM A4 advanced electronic controller for precise fuel delivery, resulting in outstanding lugging performance and lower emissions that meet the EU Stage IIIa emission requirements.

Serviceability has also been enhanced with the addition of a standard electric fuel-priming pump with integrated fuel/water separator. Electronic monitoring systems alert the operator when service is required for the engine air cleaner and fuel/water separator.

Hydraulic demand fan for constant net horsepower

The D6K is equipped with a hydraulic demand fan, which automatically adjusts fan speed to provide optimum cooling performance, lower sound levels and improved fuel economy. An optional reversible fan is also available, in which the fan operates in sucker mode for improved cooling performance in dust / debris environments, and can be operated in manual or automatic purge modes. With constant net horsepower, the engine automatically detects the load of the fan and adjusts engine power to maintain peak hydraulic performance.

Unmatched operator comfort

A new spacious operator station features seat mounted electro-hydraulic controls, combined deceleration / brake pedal, optional integrated AccuGrade™ display, reduced noise levels and excellent visibility to the blade corners. A canopy configuration is available as well.

New seat-mounted electro-hydraulic controls provide precise blade control, quick steering response, and comfortable operation. The left ergonomic joystick includes intuitive control of machine direction and speed, and buttons for programming and adjusting forward and reverse operating speeds. The right ergonomic joystick manages the blade control operation.

For top finish grade performance, the D6K is available with an integrated AccuGrade grade control system, which provides maximum productivity with minimum cycle times.

The D6K incorporates a single pedal, which combines the function of a deceleration pedal and service brakes. The operator can easily program the operation of the deceleration pedal to provide either variable engine speed, or variable hydrostatic transmission speed. In either configuration, pressing the pedal past the speed control activates the service brakes.

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