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Goudsmit Magnetic Systems Ltd from Waalre recently expanded its range of demagnetising systems with a low energy static demagnetising tunnel. This tunnel offers the opportunity to demagnetise several products at the same time, and so works timesaving. The products are placed inside a basket, after which simultaneous demagnetisation can take place. It is also possible to place an automatic supply and drainage system on the system.

The tunnel’s large depth ensures that even products in the centre of the basket are properly demagnetised. Furthermore, the low energy level offers the opportunity to continuously use the demagnetising tunnel. Contrary to conventional demagnetising systems, the system offers the possibility to stop the belt while products are inside the tunnel, without the temperature inside rising considerably. The static demagnetising moulds or other massive tools can also be done using this system.

Infinite products

Due to the 100% activation period, the recently developed tunnel is perfectly fit for very long products such as railway bars or infinite products such as steel cables and wires. For continuous processes, it is possible to fit the tunnel with a transport belt or roller belt.

In home

This tunnel is exposed on location at Goudsmit’s. This enables demagnetising without investments in new machinery. Using the magnet supplier’s expertise, who if necessary is present on location. This saves time and money and increases quality.

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