Shrink Disc-Taper Lock Versus Keyed Shaft Mounting

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The biggest advantage with taper locks versus keyed shafts is holding and anchoring strength and they can be reused if they are not damaged.

If your application has a huge amount of shock loads and heavy continous loading/work the taper lock is best, they are very usefull in conveyor belt tail pulleys that are self cleaning due to the vibration of the beaters against the belt that clean the belt on its return trip.

They have to installed right the first time other wise they will lossen up and do a lot of damage.

The manufacturers instructions regarding the torqueing and anchoring of the taper lock on the shaft must be followed!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Shrink Disk Vs Shaft Key

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B-loc is one of the major manufacturers of shrink discs in the world. Many of the gear box manufacturers use this or a similar product.

I am a strong believer of shrink discs and prefer them over a key coupled shaft.

Check out B-loc's web site at link below.

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Shrink discs are prefered compared to taperlock and key way connection due t following resons

1.0 Taper locks are having only fex nos of Bolts and are not able to transmit higher loads Whereas shrink discs Or ringfeders are having more nos of bolts and are suitable for transmitting high torques

2.0 It is impossible tp eliminate backlash between key and keyway. A a result continued impact between key and keyway. And these connections are subject to dynamic loading

3.0 Due to interference between Key and keyway chances of corrosion cannot be eliminated at shaft and bore fittings

4.0 Keyway reduces shaft cross-sectional area

5.0 In bigger shafts particularly more than 250 mm multiple keys are required causing further complications

6.0 Very accurate machines are required to have exactly parallel keyways on both hubs

7.0 With key arrangement one cannot calculate fitting Pressure exerted by hub /end disc whereas in case of Shink disc pressure on hub is known which hwlps in pulley end disc design

8.0 Replacement of shaft is very easy in case of shin disks compared to keyway fitting and high capacity press is avoided for keyway fitting and dismentling

The only disadvantage of these elements are their high cost