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PowderProof® - the professional solution for sampling powders and granules

The battery-powered PowderProof can be used to obtain a representative multi-layer sample of powders and granules from any type of container quickly and effortlessly.

Depending on the particular application, the modular design allows different lances and spiral screws with a length of 30-120 cm to be attached and exchanged easily and without any problems. Cleaning can also carried out simply, quickly and without leaving any residues.

For taking samples the lance is pushed into the sack or container with the spiral screw rotating. The sample is transferred directly into a sample bag or bottle. Excess sample material can be simply returned to the sack by pressing a button to reverse the direction of rotation of the spiral screw.

All parts coming into contact with the sample are made from V2A stainless steel. Bürkle also offers a wide range of useful accessories, such as bottle baskets, sample bags and close-it control seals, which makes simple and safe sampling even easier.

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