Shaft Seals Prevent Abrasion Damage To Shafts

K. Mann
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Posted in: , on 19. May. 2003 - 23:54

Original MECO custom-engineered shaft seals are built to withstand industry's most abrasive products, including sugar, porcelain, starch, gypsum, talc, silica, salt--even industrial diamonds. A self-compensating driving elastomer is the seal's only interface with the shaft, allowing seals to accommodate significant radial and angular shaft misalignment and shock loads while protecting the shaft and bearings from abrasion damage. Patented seal designs accommodate up to 6 mm shaft runout on dry-running powder and bulk solids processing and handling equipment such as conveyors, mixers, dryers and bucket elevators. Fully split models can be retrofitted easily without removal of bearing or drive.

MECO custom shaft seals are manufactured by:

Woodex Bearing Company, Inc.

216 Bay Point Road

Georgetown ME 04548 USA

(800) 526-8800 US and Canada

+1-207-371-2210 worldwide

+1-207-371-2169 fax

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