Silo design to eliminate bridging is simple and easy with Circle Feeder

Takaharu Sakata
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Posted in: , on 6. Aug. 2002 - 11:23

From our long experience as a feeder manufacturer we have collected a lot of data from our thousands of tests and reached an conclusion. The answer is simple and easy.

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Re: Silo Design To Eliminate Bridging Is Simple And Easy With …

Erstellt am 14. Aug. 2002 - 05:40

In my opinion circle feeders, also called table feeders, are mechanical rotating devices and as such require maintenance. In addition if the rotating table seizes inside the bin, it is almost impossible to free it up without emptying the entire bin.

To prevent bridging the first step should be that the bin is designed in such a way that it does not bridge. But if bridging is unavoidable due to time consolidation, a simple cure is to maintain a small flow from the bin by using external circulation by a "powder pump".


Amrit Agarwal (Tim)

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