Volumetric Flow Rate of Exhauster

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Hello all!

I've been using David Mills Design Guide (3rd Ed.) and the Handbook (2004) and I think I might have found a possible mistake I'd like to run by you guys.

I'll be showing screenshots from the Handbook which are in imperial units, but the same pattern is represented in the Design Guide.

The volumetric flow rate of a compressor is define as such

He then goes on to develop the equation for an exhauster as such

This last statement about the constant changing is what is bothering me. I believe p1 and p3 should be swapped in (2). With p1 and p3 swapped, if p1 = 14.7psi, we would get 2.83/14.7 = 0.1925 which is our original equation (1).


Am I missing something here?

Thanks all!

For reference, p.76 in Handbook of Pneumatic Conveying Engineering (2004) and p.160 in the Pneumatic Conveying Design Guide (3rd)

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Please disregard this post. I've managed to rederive the equations in question and I arrive at the same as the reference material.

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