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Design of Storage Silo Systems

Geschrieben von Dry, J.F. bearbeitet von mhd am 9. Okt. 2023
There are many excellent publications expounding the theories of powder technology but the main concern of the user of bulk powders is the proper integration of the various pieces of equipment used to comprise a complete scheme. It is most desirable that, when approaching a supplier of equipment for a given project all the relevant facts be made known In this way advantage may be taken of the supplier's previous experience to avoid the many pitfalls and to ensure that the plant is of suitable capacity for the duty required having provision for future expansion plans.

Broadly speaking a scheme can be divided into three sections:

1. The transport of the powder from supplier to consumer .

2. The acceptance of the material and storage.

3. The transfer of material from storage to process.

In the following sections the basic principles and important features which should be borne in mind when considering the installation of a bulk handling scheme are highlighted.

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