EDEM is the market-leading software for bulk material simulation

EDEM is the market-leading Discrete Element Method (DEM) software for bulk material simulation [...] . EDEM is used for ‘virtual testing’ of equipment that handles or processes bulk materials in the [...] , soil, pellets, and powders deploy EDEM technology to: • optimize equipment design and performance [...] profitability • improve understanding of complex bulk particle systems EDEM can be used as a stand-alone

Corinne Bossy

Corinne Bossy

Marketing Manager @ EDEM

EDEM Classroom Edition

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How much does this 'Classroom Edition' cost?? DEM Solutions Announces Launch of EDEM Classroom [...] Edition EDEM Classroom Edition provides an easy-to-use DEM software tool for teaching Discrete Element [...] Modeling using powerful EDEM particle simulation technology tailored for classroom and educator [...] release of their new EDEM Classroom edition. EDEM Classroom offers a cost-effective way for [...] exposure to one of the fastest growing areas of CAE simulation and hands-on experience using EDEM

FLS Invests in EDEM

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FLSmidth invest in EDEM software Edinburgh, Scotland, 17th October 2008 - DEM Solutions, world [...] global player in cement and minerals technology, has invested in EDEM software to simulate bulk [...] find the best possible technological solutions.  The deployment of EDEM as part of the design process [...] solutions tailored specifically to customers’ needs. This investment in EDEM will help FLSmidth to [...] information in the design phase can be extracted early in the process. “Using EDEM, we can gain a lot of

Benetech Uses EDEM

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Benetech speeds up simulation times with investment in EDEM Lebanon, NH (USA) October 29, 2008 [...] perpetual license for the use of DEM Solutions’ EDEM modeling software. Always looking at ways to enhance [...] their leadership role in bulk material handling, Benetech will be using EDEM in the design [...] applicable to a wider range of materials and tonnages. They started evaluating EDEM as a possible [...] replacement. In an in-house comparison, Benetech found that EDEM ran identical scenarios in much less

EDEM BulkSim Design Software

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DEM Solutions Releases EDEM BulkSim® Design Engineering Software and Solutions for the Global [...] Mining Industries EDEM BulkSim® enables Mining and Engineering Companies to Optimize the Performance and [...] ) EDEM BulkSim provides key information for designers and operators of bulk materials handling equipment [...] applications of discrete element method (DEM) simulation, announced the availability of EDEM BulkSim [...] Mining and Engineering Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) companies, EDEM BulkSim enables

EDEM BulkSim for Conveyor Transfers

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EDEM BulkSim Becomes Essential Engineering Design Tool for Conveyor Transfer Equipment DEM [...] Solutions Supplies EDEM BulkSim® Simulation Software to Global Engineering and Equipment Companies to meet [...] Mining Industry’s Productivity Agenda ]Award-winning EDEM BulkSim® Becomes Essential Engineering [...] ) simulation, today announced the Company’s EDEM BulkSim® bulk material flow simulation software is enabling [...] production critical conveyor transfer equipment in mine operations. Award-winning EDEM BulkSim provides

News from EDEM

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Calling ANSYS Engineers! Join our EDEM Development Partner Program and get involved in producing [...] conditions? If so, we need you! EDEM is used every single day by engineers at leading construction [...] from: • Access to EDEM licenses • Technical support and training • Influence on the future development [...] - Images EDEM Videos on bulk-online DEM Solutions on the

EDEM eLearning – Your Home for Mastering EDEM Simulation

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Welcome to EDEM eLearning – your home for mastering EDEM simulation July 13, 2015, Edinburgh [...] Scotland - DEM Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of its EDEM eLearning portal – a key platform [...] Method (DEM) simulation. EDEM eLearning offers a range of online video courses developed by the DEM [...] apply EDEM software. The key benefit of the facility is that users can access materials anytime [...] awarded a certificate of completion. At launch the EDEM eLearning curriculum offers two main courses

EDEM for ANSYS Overview

EDEM for ANSYS Overview

18. May 2017 15:23 by Reinhard Wöhlbier

EDEM for ANSYS is a simulation tool that enables engineers to add realistic bulk material loads as standard in ANSYS® structural analysis without the need for expertise in bulk material simulation. EDEM for ANSYS has been developed specifically for engin

EDEM Add-In for ANSYS Workbench

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Any advance along these lines is most welcome and the joint effort of EDEM and ANSYS is to be [...] Solutions launches ‘EDEM Add-In for ANSYS Workbench’ allowing detailed insight into the interaction [...] to access EDEM® bulk materials simulation data directly within ANSYS® Workbench™, allowing high [...] Analysis (FEA). The new ‘EDEM Add-In for ANSYS Workbench’ introduces a streamlined process to [...] transfer material load data and will give equipment designers and manufacturers access to EDEM data in the

DEM Announces Release of EDEM 2.1

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Advanced particle simulation capabilities with EDEM 2.1 Edinburgh, Scotland (UK), November 26, 2008 [...] announces the release of EDEM 2.1, the latest version of the multi-purpose modeling software used to [...] simulate and optimize bulk material handling and processing operations. EDEM 2.1 includes many cutting [...] particle simulations. EDEM 2.1 is supplied with many new integrated contact models and the [...] flexibility to customize your own advanced physics and particle properties. Existing EDEM users will notice an

DEM Solutions: New EDEM® Co-simulation Solutions

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New EDEM® co-simulation solutions - Exploring the whole design space 11 December, 2014. Edinburgh [...] , Scotland - DEM Solutions is pleased to announce new EDEM® co-simulation solutions with three leading [...] equipment performance and durability. Without EDEM, design engineers have to rely on “rules of thumb” and [...] guesswork for the forces exerted by bulk material. EDEM-MBD co-simulation enables engineers to look [...] level of fidelity.” Excavator example for two types of soils: rock lumps and clay (cohesive). EDEM

EDEM - Size segregation in asphalt production & handling

EDEM - Size segregation in asphalt production & handling

26. Apr 2016 15:20 by Reinhard Wöhlbier

EDEM simulation software provides engineers with the capability to quickly and accurately simulate and analyze the behavior of their bulk materials and granular solids systems. This video shows how EDEM can be used to prevent size segreg

EDEM Simulation of Conveyor Transfer Chute

EDEM Simulation of Conveyor Transfer Chute

26. Apr 2016 15:24 by Reinhard Wöhlbier

EDEM software is used to simulate the flow of bulk materials through a transfer chute. EDEM enables both qualitative and quantitative analysis of transfer chutes designs to explore design scenarios and verify performance. It provides eng