Re: Load Cell Output Signal

Posted on 2. Jun. 2009 - 05:46

Dear tarek10,

The range must be from 4 - 10 mA.

This is a standard range chosen to make all equipment compatible.

Any brand should work with this load cell.

Always check the suppliers datasheet.

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Posted on 2. Jun. 2009 - 05:50

No it`s written in the name plate of load cell 0 - 10 mA

Re: Load Cell Output Signal

Posted on 2. Jun. 2009 - 06:11

Dear tarek10,

Transducers usually generate output signals in the millivolt range (spans of 100 mV to 250 mV). When used in transmitters, these are often amplified to the voltage level (1 to 5 V) and converted to current loops, usually 4-20 mA dc. (not 4-10mA, sorry)

Between 0 and 4 mA, the sensitivity curve is not straight, which leads to inaccuracies.

Between 4 and 20 mA, the output signal is proportional to the mesured value.

If your load cell sensor indicates 0 - 10mA, then check the accuracy in the lower range.

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Re: Load Cell Output Signal

Posted on 2. Jun. 2009 - 08:25

If the loadcell indeed is 0-10 mA output then the loadcell already has an onboard amplifier. This type of loadcell is configured to directly connect to your PLC or DCS analog input.

Typically these loadcells are low resolution for “level by weight” applications as opposed to process control.

Regards, Delmar Schmidt

Melfi Technologies Houston

Re: Load Cell Output Signal

Posted on 3. Jun. 2009 - 06:05

Dear Mr. Tarek,

Why don't u buy the Controllers from the company from where u bought the Load-Cells ?

Normally Load-Cells & Controllers are bought together to ensure Compatibility.

Gopal Ambastha

ProMet Engineers Pvt. Ltd.




Re: Load Cell Output Signal

Posted on 6. Jun. 2009 - 01:58


Rice Lake Weighing has a controller called a 920i. The 920i controller can be configured with a mA input card, rather than the standard mV card.

Take a look at, or call them to find out who is your local supplier. I could answer application questions, but I'm not a sales guy.

you would need part # 87697 for the mA input card and the indicator without the A/D is 77790. This indicator is available in 115VAC or 230VAC.

Drop me an email if you have any questions,

regards, Todd Dietrich Kaskaskia Valley Scale Co.