Design of Multiple Rollers Feeder

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Hello Sirs,

I am interested to design, manufacture and install a "multiple rollers feeder" based chute to discharge sinter mix material over a moving pallets of Sinter Machine. The proposed "multiple Rollers Feeder" will replace the standard conventional simple solid plate type discharge chute, for better segregation of particles of charge material. The base data are:

Nos. of rollers required: 9 nos. of OD of 120mm

The rollers are to be continuously rotated at uniform speed of 20 rpm through suitably designed VFD controlled motor drive.

The flow rate of charge material: 200 tph (B.D : 1.8 t/m3, size: -8 mm)

Gap to be maintained between the rollers : 4 mm

Can any one help me to calculate the power requirement of the Drive Motor?

Design calculation details of "Rollers Feeder"


ST. Selvam, India.

Multiple Roller Feeder For Sinter M/C Charging.

Posted on 24. May. 2009 - 01:22

Thanks for your response. The working length of the roller pipe will be 2500 mm.


ST. Selvam