Grab-type Ship Unloader Highest Capacity

Posted in: , on 12. Mar. 2012 - 09:24

Dear All,

What is the highest capacity of grab type ship unloader supplied and working presently? We have references until 60MT hook capacity, but one of our clients is in the initial stages of plant design and is interested for an unloader of 105MT hook capacity. We need to inform him whether this is practically possible or he needs to revise his plant design based on the available capacity.


M V Saravanan

Re: Grab-Type Ship Unloader Highest Capacity

Posted on 13. Mar. 2012 - 07:25

The grab capacity is a combinations of elements, the bulk carrier size, the kind of material, the crane design and others , In almost 30 years in this business never seen grabs more than 60m3 (60mton capacity) and there are few numbers of these in bulk grain operation because the ship hatch is not big enough to provide safe access to the open grab. In my opinion 20 or 40 m3 grabs with four wires cranes is the most common in use, there are also integrated grabs (motorized) with capacities about 20 or 25 m3.

The important thing is the kind of ships your terminal will attend and the kind of material your equipment will unload.



Marcelo A Alonso.