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MATCON exhibits at Process Technology Expo 2012

The recent PTXi 2012 Show in Rosemont, Illinois again proved to be a great stage to showcase Matcon’s Powder Processing Solutions. Matcon systems are based around portable containers (Intermediate Bulk Containers or IBCs) and are ideally suited to helping customers achieve ‘Lean Manufacturing’, reaping the benefits of Make to Order Production and Eliminating Waste.

We utilize our IBC System to separate (decouple) various process steps; (1) Raw Material Handling / Recipe Formulation; (2) Material Processing (typically Mixing & Blending); (3) Packaging and (4) Cleaning. Our focus is on implementing “Parallel Processing”, an approach which allows process modules to be reliably performed simultaneously instead of sequentially, reducing inventory, maximizing capacity and flexibility; in essence, customers revolutionize how they manufacture products.

One such module, the ‘FlexiBatch Micro’ (FBM) formed an integral part of our stand. This revolutionary, compact and cost effective micro-dosing system provides fast, accurate and repeatable, micro ingredient dosing, typically dosing two ingredients (100g to 5Kg) per minute to an accuracy within ±5g!

Alongside our ever popular scale down model of a modern powder production facility, we featured our brand new 'interactive' Factory Presentation, which proved the perfect tool to demonstrate our 'Lean Manufacturing' concepts.


MATCON booth at PTXi 2012 Rosemont

To conclude, PTXi 2012 was a great success for Matcon. We were delighted to welcome a continual flow of existing and potential new customers onto the stand, eager to learn more and to discuss several exciting new key project opportunities.

Please visit our events page for more information on our planned activities for 2012. We look forward to seeing you!

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