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Dinnissen at Victam Asia 2018: Hamex Hammermills – reliable, low-maintenance, and increased Production Capacity

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Sevenum, Niederlande
Hamex® Hammermill (Picture: Dinnissen)

Like its predecessor, the newest Hamex® Hammermill with (semi)automatic screen changing system has a completely new design for housing the screens and hammers inside the hammermill. This results in a 20% higher production capacity at the same level of power consumption. The new Dinnissen hammermill has a very robust design and operates at a maximum speed of 1800 rpm. This relatively low speed combined with the robust design result in a very low noise level. This is not only beneficial for the operator but also makes the new hammermill extremely reliable in operation and very user-friendly in terms of maintenance.In its newest hammermill, Dinnissen has improved the inflow of ingredients by integrating stone trap and magnet into the design. This innovative feature prevents damage to the screens from iron particles or hard objects. In the new Hamex® Hammermill, the screen holder is also fitted with an extra-wide screen opening that opens automatically, making it easier to carry out maintenance and/or replace worn-out screens and further minimizing downtime. All these optimizations have resulted in a very efficient and user-friendly hammermill with a very short return on investment.Visit Dinnissen at Victam Asia 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand, from 27 to 29 March 2018 at Stand E100.

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