New proven technology for sprockets that provide cost- effective maintenance.

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NWP quick change system is designed with attention to

ergonomics, environment and time savings in maintenance.


A good ergonomics is achieved by being able to substitute or

rotate wear parts around the body, where it can be limited lift

capabilities or tight spaces.

When only the wear parts are replaced, it benefits the enviroment

because of less material consumption and easier transportation.

This concept involves a great time saver and a lot easier

maintenance stop, when no chain or shaft has to be dismantled.

This system is suitable both for conveyor and roller chain

sprockets, or even crawler track vehicles, and can be

manufactured according to the customer's specifications.

The wear parts, and body may be made of different materials as

needed. For a durable and cost-effective result, we recommend a

hardened boron, with milled contour for best performance.

This system is unique and patent pending in this stage.

Download our folder, and contact us for a quote.

Nicklas Jadinge

Nordic Wear Parts AB

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