Letter to the bulk-online Forum Members

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Dear Forum Members,

I sincerely thank you for your cooperation with our Forums. I do believe that we all are doing something worthwhile: We try to help others solve their problems, and we give experts the opportunity to share their know-how with the worldwide powder/bulk community.

It looks to me as if the Forum activities have declined somewhat in the past months. I do not why, but I know that we have to reach new Members and Users. I would deeply appreciate if you would forward this message to your friends and colleagues in order to arouse their interest in our work. All this is free-of-charge help and information, and we should really activate more Users/Readers/Posters. If you forward this email to your friends, perhaps we can start a snow ball effect and create something real big. But perhaps I am only dreaming?

Please also try to complete your Who is Who profile (https://who.bulk-online.com/) and let me know if you have questions concerning Login data etc. All this takes time, and effort, and concentration, and often it is a real burden. But it can also be fun to see photos of colleagues whose posts one reads without knowing much about the person and his/her vita.

We have spent and are still spending, a considerable amount of money to update and upgrade the Powder/Bulk Portal, but without your active help and cooperation all this will be in vain. We try to offer a plattform for the powder/bulk community, but Contents have to be supplied by the members of the community. Our Portal has by far the worldwide highest number of visitors/users of all portals in this field, and this should also be of interest.

Thank you for your time and envolvement!

Reinhard Wohlbier

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