Operation and Maintenance of Roller Crusher

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The correct operating of this machines will directly affect the life of the machine's working status, Therefore, it should be paid much attention to the following points.

1. the raw material can be allowed to feed only at full speed after the starting of the machine. Materials must be evenly fed into the machine, no matter how the feeding allocation on the whole length of the roller or the feeding size. And the material should not exceed the limited material size for this machine while adding the material, otherwise it would have scored on a roller, causing the rollers to be wearing excessively or quickly.

When stopping the machine, at first, stop to feed material until there is no surplus materials in the hopper, then, make the machine stop. Otherwise, at the beginning of the working next time, the material remaining in the hopper will cause malfunction because of overloading.

2. The lubrication of machine is good or not, it is important condition to ensure normal working. You should check whether the lubrication point is in good lubrication condition, as well as whether the oil is clean. The support of two roller bearings should be thoroughly inspected once every 2-3 months. If dirty oil or oil shortage were found, a new lubricant must be replaced.

3. Compression spring is an important position during the whole work. It can support the sliding bearing, giving a certain degree of pressure for driven roller to crush the material. When the metallic material accidentally falls into the rollers, the spring is compressed, so that the lateral movement of the driven roller open, which can play a security role. If the spring preload is too small, which causes inadequate pressure between rollers, so it would not only affect the yield and the particle size but also it will cause to be wearing, because the excessive and relative skidding between roller bearing block and frame bottom. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the spring preload circumstance, if it occurs skidding frequently and must be adjusted immediately.

4. The Shanghai Joyal Machinery Co., Ltd driven V-belt should be maintained, which cannot stick with the damaging oil. While using it, keep the belt be tension or not be loose, otherwise, it will make the V-belt skid, even be high temperature and wearable.

5. When the machine runs, it is strictly prohibited to clean or add the lubricant in order to avoid some danger.

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