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The New Mucon Series DSV Double Flange Slide Valve

Mucon has launched its new DSV double flange slide valve after the success of its low cost SV range of single flanged Slide valves.

This simple, feature rich slide valve is ideal for controlling and isolating the flow of powders, granules and pellets in open discharge or in-line applications. For example;

•In-line installation into pipes, ducts and hopper outlets.

•Open discharge from rigid or semi-rigid intermediate bulk containers, bins, hoppers

and other storage vessels.


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The new Mucon DSV double flange slide valve

The features and benefits of the Mucon DSV Slide valve include the following;

•Unlike other manual slide valves the DSV has tapered supports which are set at an angle to allow the blade to be easily adjusted.

•Tapered supports can be easily replaced while the slide gate remains in-situ and in the closed position.

•Slim Design

•Robust valve construction, with integrated metal handle.

•Anti-tamper locking facility – allowing the user to lock or tag the valve in the closed position

•Provision for 'earth' tag - where there is potential for static electricity generation

All manual DSV slide valves are available from stock.

The DSV Slide valve will soon to be available with a lightweight pneumatic actuator assembly and will be officially launched at the POWTECH exhibition in Nuremberg.

This lightweight pneumatic actuator has been specifically designed so that it can also be added retrospectively in just a few minutes to an existing manual DSV Slide Valve.

Contact Mucon to learn more about the new DSV Slide valve range.

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