Barge Unloading Facility for Sale

Posted in: , on 15. Dec. 2012 - 21:49

Complete barge unloading facility for sale

Greetings forum friends

We are pleased to offer for sale a complete Barge Unloading facility:

-(2) Grab Cranes(1150tph each)

-All Conveyors

-Radial Stacker

-Train/Truck Loadout

Also Available:

-Unused Rotary Rail Car Dumper

-(2) 700tph Portable Shiploaders

-500tph Shiploader

-1200tph Shiploader

-2000tph Shiploader

-Crawler Mounted Barge Loader

-Floating Transhipper

Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

Best Regards,

Al Goodmundson

Phone Canada (306)-664-7260


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