Bag Seal Tests

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Good Day Forum members.

I have recently installed a 1600 bag per hour Form-Fill-Seal bagging line.

Co-extruded Polyethelene tubes are used to form 25kg bags.

However, we are experiencing an unacceptable high rate of seal failures - both top and bottom seals. As most of the product is exported, and subjected to rough handling, we need to solve the problem.

I believe that the root cause(s) is "old" stock, as the rolls of bag-tube where stored for 2 years before being used, and inexperience of operators.

Fior longer-term operation, I would like to initiate a bag seal testing program on all new rolls of bag-tube.

I am aware of a "tensile" method, where a weight is hung from a strip of bag which includes the seal.

However, am I correct in assuming that this will only test that small area of seal? What about the corner gussets?

I have heard that there is a recognised, international procedure where a bag is inflated to a certain pressure, thus subjecting the top seal, the bottom seal, and the gusset area to the same forces.

Can anyone please help - either with this method, or an alternative?

Sketches, drawings etc will be appreciated.

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