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Logistics network with stocks on four continents

AUMUND optimizes spare parts service on global level

For a successful after sales service, a fast and reliable spare parts supply on a global level plays an increasingly important role. To ensure a trouble-free machine operation at the customer's as far as possible and to avoid production losses, smart solutions for the spare parts storage and distribution are required. AUMUND responded to these requirements, optimized its complete spare parts service and expanded it into a worldwide logistics network.

AUMUND places the focus on a high spare parts availability and the fast shipment of important parts and components to guarantee a permanent readiness of devices and equipment at the customer. For this, short distances and the local presence are of crucial importance.

Competence center

The core of the organization and competence center for all spare part issues forms a team of specialists in the company head office in Rheinberg. Here, internal work flows were optimized to meet the increased requirements on performance, flexibility and efficiency in the worldwide spare parts supply and to further accelerate the spare parts handling. At the same time, large investments to introduce new, more modern manufacturing methods and to extend the manufacturing capacities resulted in clearly shortening the throughput times in the spare parts production.

In a parallel step, the considerable extension of the storage capacity ensures that all current spare parts are always on stock. Thanks to this, urgently required spare parts can be dispatched within 24 hours. AUMUND only supplies genuine AUMUND spare parts which guarantee longevity, accuracy of fit, and perfect functioning. The high and rapid availability is reached through demand-oriented planning and procurement and the worldwide building up of stocks.

Worldwide network

Based on the strategic positioning of regional spare parts stocks on different continents, AUMUND will in future have a global spare parts and service network.

In addition to the central spare parts stock in Rheinberg and the regional stock at the AUMUND Corporation in Atlanta (USA) which has already been existing for five years, another stock has now been built up in Hong Kong to supply the Asian area. Thanks to the adaptation of the computer systems, worldwide networking of the locations is possible which allows reciprocal access to the inventories. A further expansion of the spare parts network is planned to follow soon by erecting stocks in Chennai (India) and So Paulo (Brazil).

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Fig. 1: Aumund stock locations

Fig. 2: Stock Aumund Fördertechnik Rheinberg, Germany

Fig. 3: Stock Aumund Corporation Atlanta, USA


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