Load condition

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I want to clarify regarding load conditions to the shaft which is a primary data to design a shaft.

A shaft is subjected to bending & torsion

In this bending magnitude & torsion magnitudes are vary

saying in terms of power it will vary 5kw to 10kw

Whether can i say its alternating or fluctuating or fully reversed


Kindly clarify the same



Re: Load Condition

Erstellt am 7. Sep. 2007 - 04:29

The shaft undergoes a full bending reversal from tension to compression on every revolution whether or not the drive torque is fluctuating.

Oscillation in drive torque must be figured in its frequency. You talk about the variation in torque but not its magnitude. You say nothing about the steady-state forces on the shaft. These will factor in any shaft stress limits and fatigue analysis.

Are you trying to apply a fatigue analysis? Be more specific on what you are investigating.

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