Environmental Management System

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Environmental Management System –

ISO14001 accreditation for Malvern Instruments

Malvern Instruments, manufacturer of a wide range of analytical instrumentation for materials characterisation, has achieved accreditation to the international standard BS EN ISO14001:2004 which specifies requirements for an effective Environmental Management System. Malvern has developed and integrated its Environmental Management System to not only meet the requirements of the standard but also to reinforce the company’s commitment to the prevention of pollution and to continual improvement in environmental performance.

Leading this initiative is Operations Director Alan Bragginton. “Environmental issues have a high priority at Malvern and we are extremely conscious of our responsibilities. Achieving this standard reflects the commitment of the entire Malvern Instruments organisation worldwide to ensuring that environmental issues are an integral part of our business strategy and that this is reflected in our day to day activities,” he said.

“Malvern monitors and reduces wherever possible the use of energy and raw materials through improved process efficiency and the use of recycled materials. We also focus on reducing the production of waste and the release of substances into the environment. Furthermore, the company meets the requirements of the recently introduced Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) legislation, ensuring that at every opportunity waste is recycled rather than being returned to landfill.”

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Alan Bragginton, Operations Director, Malvern Instruments


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