Troughed Belt Conveyor Weighfeeder

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Hi All,

I am wondering if it is possible to have a conventional troughed belt conveyor modified/designed to be a weighfeeder.

Looking at long centre distance - 20m.

Choke feed at tail end ie flooded feed chute with shear gate

Variable speed drive

Weigher frame

Speed sensing

Constant tension belt - T2.

Has this been done with accurancy to 0.5%.

Material is cement clinker - so belt may go hard over time with the heat.

Thanks vm


Re: Troughed Belt Conveyor Weighfeeder

Erstellt am 26. Jun. 2007 - 02:28

What is the clinker size and shape? More marble like with consistent size?

Belts weighers can be accurate to within your tolerance, if the feedback loop, speed, stability from product feed dynamics, and geometry permit. What experience have you observed that negates these point?

Can we assume, your skirts allow the weigh scale reasonable proximity to obtain good feedback control and that the hopper feed dynamics, do not vary significantly?

I think Hendrik Colijn's book/tome has many case studies and notations on critical values. I have not taken it from the self for this response. Do you have a copy?

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Feeder Conversion

Erstellt am 26. Jun. 2007 - 11:08

In order to assess your application, more information is needed:

Minimum and maximum belt speeds.

Volumetric utilisation of the belt

Belt tensioner type and T2 value

Minimum and maximum throughput

You mention 0.5% accuracy, this is fairly meaningless without specifying a time period within which this accuracy can be maintained.

Conveyor angle.

plus all the questions that nordell posed.

Jon Scarrott

Re: Troughed Belt Conveyor Weighfeeder

Erstellt am 26. Jun. 2007 - 01:32

Thanks vm

Matter is now dead anyway - going to same old tradional approach - weighfeeder with flat belt feeding conventioanl belt conveyor

For various reasons