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Dear Mr. Reinhard H. Wohlbier,

Thank you very much for the e-mails.

We are looking for engineering companies or trade firms in South America, who are interestd in Powder and Bulk Solids.

I think that the companies in "The Top 15 Latin American bulk-online eDirectory Companies" in your e-mail of February 3, 2007 would be such companies.

If you have any other informations, could you tell me.

Yours sincerely,


Sankyo Pio-Tech Co., Ltd.

Re: South America

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Hi. I work for an Engineering company placed in Rosario, second city of Argentina.

We specialize in industries such as grain storage, oil plants, cement plants, steel companies,etc.

Our main works are in Argentina but we did work in Uruguay, Brazil and Egypt.

Our company counts with 4 mechanical Engineers, 6 civil Engineers, 3 electricians Engineers, 2 architects, 2 surveyors and 1 biologist besides hired personnel in special occasions.

----------------------- Cucco D. Leandro Proyecting S.A. Cinco Esquinas, Rosario - Argentina http:\\[url][/url] 0054+341 423-1090

Re: South America

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Dear Mr. Kinn

Thank you in advance for your proposal.Our company is in charge of Colombia,Venezuela,Ecuador,Panam and Costa Rica´s

markets.We are specialized on Sales and projects such as waste water and conveying sytems in Pharmaceutical,Oil, Paper,Cement,Food Industries, etc..

We need to know about your products.

best regards

Ing. Horacio Espinel

57 1 7508096

57 315 3975010


Bogot Colombia

Daniel Wilcox
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Re: South America

Erstellt am 22. Feb. 2007 - 06:05

Dear Mr. Kinn,

SCS imports and distributes 400,000 tons yearly for the Brasilian market, as well as other related products. We operate out of our own warehouses at four strategic locations in Brasil.

Let us know about your products and requirements.

Best regards

Daniel Wilcox

Tel: 5521 2516 6781

Fax: 5521 2223 1519

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Re: South America

Erstellt am 22. Feb. 2007 - 07:49

Dear Mr/Ms Kin,

We just read your request.

You may have a first sight of our company in our web-page.

Our companys target is like japanese cars: it cost a litle more but it works fine and without problems.

Our products are for dust and bulk handling. We started with dust collectors (german technology) and grows with equipment for pneumatic convey and complete proyects of dust handling.

Now we need a partner to manage the enginnering and knoeledge of integral proyects, and also components of the installations. Interesting is the Explosion control and prevention, what is slowly considered in Argentina.

We would be pleased to strike up an conversation with you and your company.

Diego Kaufmann

TEL+FAX +54-11 4756-4128 (aux. e-mail)

Consulting In South America

Erstellt am 22. Feb. 2007 - 09:45

Dear Sir.

ACFA Consultores Asociados is located in Chile South America, we provide Consulting Services and Engineering for Ship loading /Unloading.

Actually our company is providing consultancy for purchase of Ship to Shore Cranes and shiploaders in most importants Ports in Chile, Peru and Argentina.

More than 20 years experience in the engineering market.

Any thing you need please let us know.

Marcelo A Alonso.

South American Solids

Erstellt am 22. Feb. 2007 - 10:10

Dear Mr. Kinn

I'm the manager of a small but active trading company located in the port city of Santos, near Sao Paulo, which is the largest South American city and the most industrialized region. We have been in business for the past 15 years working mostly in the International Marketing area and also with export of some products including commodities such as sugar and grains. We deal directly with large multinationals companies like Bunge, ADM, Cargill, Caramuru, Granol and many sugar mills.

We are interested in representing your company in Brazil (South America) in an active and business minded way.

We don't work with sales commissions ONLY, we charge a representation fee PLUS sales commissions.

If you believe we can be of any help to your business plans, please feel free to contact us with a working proposal.

Best regards,

Victor Serra

Tel. (55-13) 3251 1561


Santos, SP- BRAZIL

P.S. I will send more info about us upon your request.

Victor Serra

Re: South America

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Dear Mr. Kinn

PRAXIA is an engineering company in Montevideo, Uruguay. Our main activity is engineering services for the wood industry

We are also representatives for Uruguay and part of Argentina of several machine manufacturers, such as DUJUA from Brazil. You might be interested in visiting their website at:

where you will find plenty of information in bulk handling systems for biomass.

If you find we can be of any help, please feel free to contact us.

Eng. Walter Lusiardo

Phone: +598(2)908.5100

Mobile: +598(94)31.2727