Atlas Copco's Energy Saving Oil-Free Compressors

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The energy saving Atlas Copco ZR VSD (Variable Speed Drive) oil-free compressor range has now been completed with the introduction of three new models to offer a complete range from 90-900 kW. With the introduction of the ZR 90 VSD , ZR 900 VSD and ZR 500 VSD, Atlas Copco has reaffirmed its leading position in oil-free energy saving screw compressors.

The complete range of Atlas Copco oil-free VSD (Variable Speed Drive) compressors now covers the entire range from 90 to 900 kW, with customer benefits such as substantial energy savings, highly stable air net pressure, low starting currents and a complete absence of peaks.

By varying the speed of the drive motor, the new Atlas Copco VSD compressors output follows the air consumption over a wide range, without load/unload switching. This allows for a perfect match of air supply with air demand, and allows the possibility of energy savings of up to 35%.

The Atlas Copco Z VSD compressors have been designed as a completely integrated all-in-one package featuring a frequency converter to form an important part of the Variable Speed Drive operation. All controls are also integrated, maximising the operating range and ensuring optimal safety.

Mechanically tested without speed windows, the Z VSD compressor is vibration-free and fully compliant with EMC directives. All of the units are controlled by Atlas Copco’s proven Elektronikon® control and monitoring system. Providing text displays on the status of the entire system, Elektronikon® has also been designed for remote control processes.

When dry air is needed, the Atlas Copco MD dryer with a VSD motor further optimises the energy saving-package. By using the heat from the compressor, the MD adsorption dryer needs virtually no energy.

The new unit’s also feature Atlas Copco’s ES Millennium monitoring and control system. In multiple compressor installations this optional system will further reduce energy consumption by optimally selecting the right compressor mix, reducing the pressure band and operating the units in their most efficient zone.

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