Sales Manager. Resume.

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For application of a SALES MANAGER/VICE PRESIDENT SALES see under GNERAL ASPECTS of the bulk-online forum.

Juan David Restrepo
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Juan David Restrepo

Calle 26 # 81-23 Tel Home: ++ 57-4-238-8208

Medelln, Colombia Tel Office: ++ 57-4-510-6400 JUANDAVIDR@YAHOO.COM

Overview A high-energy, peak performing professional with over 3 years of successful experience in positions of increasing responsibility with AUDI AG in Germany, YAMAHA Motorcycles and NARE CEMENT Co in Colombia. A results-oriented, team-player with strengths in the following areas:

- Fluent German, English and Spanish - Research and analysis

- Compiling and evaluating data - Statistics and numbers

- Interpersonal relations - Change management

- Organization and time management - Training and development

- National/International production planning - ISO 9000 application

- Automation, Fuzzy Control, Process Control - International Logistics

- TPM Total productive Maintenance


Dec 1999 to NARE CEMENT Co. Commercial Department

Present Medelln Colombia.

Commercial Department and Logistics Engineering

Account executive

Regional Lime sales

April 1998 to Commercial Department and Logistics Engineering

Dec 1999 to

International Logistics Process and Projects for the cement transport..


Knowledge in Handling Equipment

Distribution Cost, Packaging Cost and Management cost analysis.

Cement Packaging and shipping systems development.

Inventory management, shipped products and national sales control program development.

Jun 1997 to YAMAHA Motorcycles MC Cost Engineering Department

Nov 1997 Medelln, Colombia South America

Cost Production Engineering

Production, Assembly and Maintenance Cost Determination.

Paintshop Process Cost Evaluation.

Oct. 1996 PRODIA LTDA. Engineering Department

May 1997 Medelln, Colombia South America

Developed item 4.6 and 4.9 from ISO 9000 for Purchasing and Process Control in a food additives company

Jan 1996 to AUDI AG Montage and Production Department

Jun 1996 Ingolstadt Germany.

Staff in the Assembly Department.

Planning and Process Engineering: Capacity Planning, Manpower Tracking,

Benchmarking, Cost per Unit Calculation, Support for all Technology Groups

Process Engineering: Process Control, Documentation Systems

Product Engineering: Maintain Model Introduction Schedule, Production Trial



Feb. 1999 ANTIOQUIA University, Medelln, Colombia

Sept. 1999 Diploma in Management and Finance Evaluation Project. GPA: 4.1 / 5.00

July 4th. 1997 EAFIT University Medelln, Colombia South America

Bachelor Production Engineer, GPA: 4.12 / 5.00

Planning and Technological Integration at Manufacturing Companies

Quality Control ISO 9000

Knowledge of Pneumatics and Oil hydraulics

Production Programming, Theory of Constraints, PERT CPM Diagram,

Costs, MRP II

Cost Calculation, Estimation and Analysis, Finance, Budget.

LabVIEW, MATlab, Fuzzy, Excel, Access, Word and MS Project


Logistic, Material handling, inventory control.

Feb 1978 to German School Medelln, Colombia South America

Dec 1991 Private high School

GPA 8.3 / 10.0

Awards * Scholarship granted at EAFIT University for Excellence in Math and

Physics in 1990

* 2 Years Participation at the Math Olympics

Personal Guitar, Volleyball, Marketing and New Technology Readings, Community and Family Activities

References Available upon request

Juan David Restrepo
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Re: Sales Manager. Presentation Letter.

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Juan David Restrepo

Calle 26 # 81-23 ++ 57-4-238-8208

Medelln, Colombia ++ 57-4-510-6400


April 11th, 2000

To whom it may concern,

I am a highly capable degree Engineer seeking an internship for 6 months in Production Engineering. I eagerly pursue all opportunities, which fit my education and work experience. Attached is my resume for your consideration.

I am extremely interested in a position in a multinational Company. I hope that you will find my qualifications meet or exceed your requirements.

My resume depicts me as a Production / Engineering Professional with Research and Development Experience. I have a strong Technical / Engineering background but I am indeed a people-person. I enjoy interacting, consulting, producing and manufacturing.

I offer the following benefits:

Knowledge of German, Spanish and English

Possibility to be relocated.

Strong network in place for finances and production practices

Understanding for Quality manufacturing procedures with international diversity this surely will benefit the most demanding global markets

Hands-on experience with process control; training would be minimal

Solid problem solving technical Quality skills

International Business experience with German and Spanish companies

Automation, Intelligent Control, Fuzzy Control, Process Control

Knowledge in Packaging and Handling Systems

Knowledge in International Logistics

Knowledge in TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)

I thank you for your time and consideration, and look forward to meeting with you soon.


Juan David Restrepo

Bob Drasner
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Good Evening,

Please contact me at so we can discuss this opportunity further.