Impact protection lift truck in atex zone.

Posted in: , on 28. Sep. 2023 - 11:26

Dear all,

I have a production facility with some atex zones (zone 2). In these zones, lift trucks (Ex-certified) will be driving. Therfore, on certain locations impact protection rails are present. I wonder if these pose an explosion risk. I understand mechanically generated sparks not allways have enough energie to initiate an explosion, so I wonder if any measures should be taken. Someone advised me to use rubber on the rails, but I fear this will generate static electricity upon lift truck impact. And in any case I want to minimize plastic components in the zone. The MIE of the dangerous substance (alcohol) is 0,28 mJ. Can anyone help?

I cannot assist with a…

Erstellt am 2. Oct. 2023 - 12:37

I cannot assist with a specific solution, though specifications for "non conductive" materials used in hazardous areas are stated in AS/NZS 60079. The AS/NZS 60079 is based on IEC 60079.