Margit Ravn

Margit Ravn

Marketing @ Mogensen

Lennart Karlsson

Lennart Karlsson

Marketing and Technical Manager @ Fredrik Mogensen

Mogensen Selects Orthos

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Vibratory screen combines low cost with versatile ease of use The new Mogensen VRS vibratory screen [...] distributor by Swedish company Fredrik Mogensen AB, owned by the German Allgaier Group. This followed an in [...] 1.59 m2 screening areas. For more information on Orthos U.K., please visit: For more informatoin on Mogensen, Sweden please visit:

McLanahan Corp.

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Booth 2132 McLanahan Corporation is the North American licensee for Fredrik Mogensen AB (Sweden [...] Solids 2004 Show will be the McLanahan/Mogensen Sizer and the Allgaier Tumbler Screening Machine

Vibrations Getting Transferred to Buildings

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Dear all, In one of the Conveyor transfer houses, we have 2 nos Mogensen Sizers installed. The [...] most of your querries will be solved automatically Daer Mr.P. Rekhawar Mogensen Sizers are

Medium Size Screening

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. Rhewum, Mogensen or Binder are great names in this category. Binder screen cuts even at 4" / 100mm, but

Silo Erection

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updated list of all fabrics. Please contact me if you wish further details about my company. Respectfully Man.Dir. Lars Young Mogensen www.silomontage.

McLanahan Corporation

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McLanahan/Mogensen Sizer. Multi-deck sizing capabilities; manufactured in either mild steel or

Allgaier Process Technology Image Video

Allgaier Process Technology Image Video

10. Nov 2016 15:36 by Reinhard Wöhlbier

Every day, the Process Technology company division takes a new approach to the complex requirements of the market. With its core brands of Allgaier, Mogensen, Gosag and Mozer as well as a global presence in more than 30 countries, this division delivers b

Fines Removal from Fe Pellets

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herringbone opening may work. Better option is to use Mogensen Sizer. The Mogensen sizer is based on the [...] Sizer Principal first developed by Mogensen over 60 years ago and patented . Right now, there isn't [...] any screen in this point. Best option is Mogensen type screen. I presume that this screening is [...] holes? Dear Vinayak, we have limited space vertically, so we can not use mogensen sizer. Meanwhile

Allgaier Process Technology:  Screening & Processing, Tumbler Screening Machines

Allgaier Process Technology: Screening & Processing, Tumbler Screening Machines

06. Mar 2017 16:26 by Reinhard Wöhlbier

In industrial preparation and processing of substances of extremely diverse types, there are some important factors to consider. The key factors are the quality of the screening material, the choice of screening method and the technology of the scree

Equal-thickness Screens?

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know what a MOGENSEN is we have lots here. I want to know what IJONLINE .MEANS by the description [...] Australia we have gone for Mogensen Sizers. We have stripped out all our double deck screens, and [...] . Regards - Sgt John.rz Hi George, A Mogensen Sizer is basically a multiple