Ashok Amin

Ashok Amin

Marketing Manager, North America @ Hagglunds drives


Sascha Hoffmann

Sascha Hoffmann

Sales Manager Drives and Dosing Technology @ AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik

Booster Drives

In Trough Belt Conveying by Graham Spriggs - last post: 11. May 2004 12:30 - replies: 2 - views: 2802 - images: 0

I was wondering if anyone has much experience with the use of booster drives (trippers) on long [...] forces. Also, dynamic instability (shock wave oscillation between drives) can occur as presented on [...] ) overland which is accelerated by the tail drive, on an S curve, and boosted by the 3 head drives via a [...] attempt to regulate the drives and failed. CDI applied our algorithm via a PLC to the system and wa [...] -la. THis can be seen on our website: Booster drives offer advantage to

Magnetic Drives

In Trough Belt Conveying by itsakeeper - last post: 15. Dec 2005 13:59 - replies: 5 - views: 3571 - images: 0

these types of drives or this one in particular. The principle sounds great but all information is

VWF Drives or Wound Rotor Drives?

In Trough Belt Conveying by venuballa - last post: 09. Jun 2012 12:48 - replies: 4 - views: 2273 - images: 0

): Regards, Dear All, Could you please share your ideas regarding using the VVVF drives for the [...] ? Many thanks for your Thank you for your replies. Regards Alex The 3 types of Drives normally used [...] with heavy load on belt,starting trouble has been experienced. 3.VVF. In case of VVF drives, the [...] higher power requirement multi drives are necessary due to low voltage VVF system. Squirrel cage with [...] me on Dear All, Could you please share your ideas regarding using the VVVF drives

bulk-online Leader


rollers, motorized pulleys and components for bulk handling

RULMECA is a family owned, worldwide Group of Companies, with headquarters in Italy and specialising in the development, production and sales of belt conveyor rollers/idlers, motorized pulleys, fabricated pulleys and other components for the worldwide bulk handling industry. RULMECA have been w...

Slewing Drives

In General Aspects by Alexandre Calijorne - last post: 30. Jul 2012 06:11 - replies: 2 - views: 2505 - images: 0

Dear Experts, Recently I faced a breakdown in one of the two drives of slewing arrangement in a [...] two drives of slewing arrangement in a reclaimer. I removed the damaged drive and released the [...] can be a sign of unleved distribution of forces between the two drives. Or bad adjustment of the [...] gears. It is usual to size just one drive for work alone, even when you have 2 drives, exactly for the [...] hand, it is good to have 2 drives working, when we think about the next failure .stop time will be avoided. Regards.

Conveyor with Multiple Drives

In Trough Belt Conveying by Joseph Dos Santos - last post: 22. Dec 2006 07:35 - replies: 5 - views: 5485 - images: 0

Multiple drives, as in two drives on the one drive pulley? This would be a decision based on drive [...] to design an effective multiple drive pulley system. Booster drives offer great advantages [...] belting cost. The writer has used booster drives of the tripper type as well as the belt-on-belt type [...] horizontally curving path. Three examples where we have used booster drives to an advantage: - Long [...] compounded by numerous vertical curves. The drives are 600 HP (448 kW) at the head end, 400 HP (298 kW

Huwood Conveyor Drives

In Used & Refurbished Equipment last post: 14. Feb 2005 17:32 - replies: 0 - views: 2077 - images: 0

We have a quantity a number of conveyor drives for sale on our web site as well as [...] other conveying equipment. Huwood Drives are 54", 42" & 36". If interested contact by email

Actuators & Damper Drives

In Company News by David Riley - last post: 01. Aug 2007 22:25 - replies: 0 - views: 1573 - images: 0

Harold Beck & Son now have representation for their range of Electric Actuators and Damper Drives